Crystal Clear Glass Cleaner – 1001

Restaurant Crystal Clean: Professional Wine Glass Cleaner and Crystal Cleaning Liquid -16 oz.



Perfect Companion Product
Pinnacle Crystal Clear Glass Cleaner with Water Repellent works as a great follow-up product when using Pinnacle GlassCoat Glass Rain Repellent to replenish and maintain the repellent coating.

Blue crystal glass cleaner is multipurpose superior glass cleaner and hard surface cleaner formulated to remove a wide range of general soiling and sugar residue from glass, mirrors, tiles, windscreens, visors, machine guards, Perspex, UPVC windows, frames, worktops, vinyl, chrome, gloss painted wood and stainless cleaner. Blue crystal glass cleaner gives superb results without leaving any smears, streaks or grime on surfaces. Particularly developed for use in the food industry, the product holds A1 approval from InS for use in all food handling, manufacture and storage locations. Packed in a large 750ml fill trigger pack with locking spray nozzle.

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    Auto Finesse Crystal Glass Cleaner is a very impressive dedicated cleaning solution. It has a fast acting, non smear formula that easily removes dirt and film from all glass.