Dapple Baby Laundry Detergent, 50 oz

Dapple Baby Laundry Detergent, Fragrance Free, 100 Ounce


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If you want to watch what ingredients are in your laundry detergent while still getting soft clothes and no irritating scent, the Dapple Baby Laundry Detergent does a good job.

Both my partner and I noticed our clothes seemed a bit softer when washed with Dapple laundry detergent. It wasn’t something that made a huge difference, but our clothes just felt less stiff, and the cotton just felt a lot more comfortable than it usually does. We’ve used it a couple times now, and each time, it seems to be softer, so the Dapple laundry detergent, possibly by eliminating some of the harsher chemicals, does leave our laundry feeling softer too!

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