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Dental bleaching, or teeth whitening is a process that is used to remove the stains that have been accumulated over time due to our diets and smoking habit and aging process rendering our teeth darker or more yellow is appearance. Here are several ways to brighten up our smile:

The vector illustration "Professional Whitening Stripes ads. Vector 3d Illustration with dental bleaching whiter and diamonds" from is available on Fotolia under a royalty-free license (Credit from Dental bleaching can be used to correct many tooth discolorations. These discolorations may have been caused by staining, aging, or chemical damage to teeth. Using the latest in bleaching technology, we can offer a safe method for creating a beautiful, “brilliant” smile. In cases of extreme tooth discoloration, crowns or veneers may be the only choice. But because of the low cost of bleaching treatments, bleaching is nearly always worth a solid try..74).

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  • Professional Whitening Stripes ads. Vector 3d Illustration with dental bleaching whiter and diamonds
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    Teeth whitening programs are now available at your local dentist’s office to help create sparkling, fresh smile to anyone; depending on the dentist, this may cost fairly affordable. Teeth whitening treatments often involve some dental bleaching agent to do the work, but these are not the store bought home bleaching solutions mother’s use on clothes and the kitchen sink! Though laundry bleach acts like magic in whitening and removing stains, this won’t work the same way on teeth.

    Teeth whitening, also known as dental bleaching, has become one of the most common procedures in dentistry since the 1990s. A person can get white teeth either from a professional dentist or by purchasing an at-home kit. Cosmetic dentists are capable of whitening the teeth to a far greater degree than home methods, however, the costs associated with the procedure are generally higher.