Didi Seven Stain Remover Television Commercial 1990 - Duration: 1:30.

Best DCKR Instant Stain Remover Stick Pen for Clothing Care - Tough Stains the Complete First Aid (Pink 3 Pack)


Cleaning: Didi Seven Didi 7 Universal Stain Remover 2 oz tube

WARNING: Dyes and patterns in some fabrics may run or fade when DidiSeven is applied. Therefore ALL fabrics must be tested for colorfastness PRIOR to application of DidiSeven stain remover. Neither the retailer nor the manufacturer will assume responsibility for damage (color fading) to articles as a result of using DidiSeven.

MADISON (WKOW) -- Odds are, you've seen hundreds of TV commercials for products that promise to change your life. Lose weight. Clean messes. Cook better food. You probably wonder, "Does it work?" Sometimes these gizmos work miracles. But many of these "As Seen On TV" products are duds. Tuesday, November 4 on 27 News at 10:00, Dan Cassuto tests the popular "Egg Genie" Electric Egg Cooker. We went to a popular Madison restaurant known for its breakfasts and challenged the cook to a friendly competition. The chef poached eggs the old-fashioned way. We used the Egg Genie. Does it work? Could we tell the difference between the eggs? Our surprising results -- and the taste test challenge -- Tuesday at 10. Coming up on DOES IT WORK: Jupiter Jack Cell Phone Amplifier, Neckline Slimmer, Didi Seven Stain Remover, and Listen Up Portable Sound Amplifier

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