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This is a dog tear stain remover that is also effective for cats. It can also get rid of saliva stains and is known to target future stains as well. Although it contains Tylosin, its manufacturers claim that its concentration is dilute. This antibiotic should therefore not be used in the long run as doing so could cause a buildup of resistance which will render the dog tear stains hard to treat.

Tear Stain Center rates Tearplex as the best dog tear stain remover product for the year 2015. This they attribute to its ability to get rid of existing tear stains as well as deal with future stains. The products does not contain any products that may be deemed harmful to your pet and can be used in both dogs and cats.

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    To make use of food as a means of dog tear stain removal, switch to a premium diet and see if it helps. In case you opt for homemade raw diets, ensure it is well balanced. Feeding them preservative free kibble can also helping boosting their resistance which in turn reduces staining.

    Dog tear stains are brown or reddish marks that mostly run from the eyes of the dog. For some breeds, these are natural. Tear stains are quite common for dogs with bright coats such as poodles, dogs with protruding eyes as well as those with single coats. Before we explore various dog tear stain removal options and remover products, let us look at what causes them.