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Dear Franny The Shopaholic: Please help me buy a Downy fabric softener ball locally. They want $8 to ship a $4 item online. - Jean, Cape May Court House

Anna has shared her review of the Downy fabric softener ball, and at the same time responding to my review of this product. Anna says: Your review is, …

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I love mine!
by: Meryl

I love the Downy fabric softener ball and never had any problems with it opening at the right time. My clothes always smell so good!

With the Downy Ball, fabric softener is ..

I'm looking for an idea to recycle the Downy fabric softener balls. At one time I saw an idea card from Downy using them as night lites, but have never seen the pattern/instructions. I have gone to the Downy web site, but there doesn't seem to be any information. I hope someone can help with this or give some ideas.

Patsy from Salem, MO