Drano Septic Advanced Treatment 3.00 pack Save On Foods

Drainbo Septic Tank Treatment, 1/2-Gallon


And with Drano, so are your drains

Concentrated septic tank care: Drano Advanced Septic Treatment breaks down solid waste, paper, oil, grease and proteins. Each power-packed pouch works in septic tanks up to 1500 gallons, providing one full month of treatment.

Works safely in all tanks & pipes: Drano Advanced Septic Treatment uses natural enzymes to aid septic tank bacteria in breaking down waste, so it won't harm your plumbing.

Can I use Drano if I have a Septic System?

  • Drano Septic Treatment is a dissolvable pouch containing powerful enzymes to help break down solid waste, fats and proteins that can create blockages or a sluggish septic system
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    Easy to use: One flush is really all it takes! Drano Advanced Septic Treatment is a septic tank maintenance solution that's designed to be flushed and forgotten!

    Drano Advanced Septic Tank Treatment by Johnson. $8.37. No mess dissolvable pouches. "DRANO" ADVANCED SEPTIC TREATMENT. Just drop in and flush. 3 count. Works safely in all tanks and pipes. Advanced septic treatment 3 count. Drano advanced septic treatment is a monthly dissolvable pouch used to maintain consumer's septic systems by helping prevent septic back-ups by breaking down solid waste, fats, and proteins. Contains 3 pouches.. Save 16%!