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Not much can be said about the disadvantages of dry foam carpet cleaning since there are not many. However, we have to mention the fact that this is a method that will only be suitable in the event that there are average soil levels in the carpet. You can also end up with excessive soil and residue build up in the event that you use extraction capabilities that are inadequate.

On the whole, dry foam carpet cleaning is definitely an option you will want to consider. All that you have to do is properly follow the directions of the solution manufacturer. Make sure that you take your time because of the fact that the process can last some time and you have to dedicate proper attention to every step.

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    In the event that you have a carpet that is soiled or older, dry foam carpet cleaning is definitely great and you can end up with something that is really clean. Various hardware stores offer dry foam carpet cleaning machines and it is not at all hard to find all the equipment that is needed, with a price tag that is low. The entire process is very simple and you do not need a lot of carpet cleaning experience in order to use this method, making it a perfect DIY method.

    Often seen as an alternative to steam cleaning, rugs that are vacuumed regularly and maintained will look much cleaner when shampooed with this method. Dry foam carpet cleaning areas with heavy foot traffic will restore the original colors, making this method ideal for businesses such as restaurants and retail stores, but also for homeowners who might be expecting company.