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The SEBO dry powder carpet cleaner is made up of granules that are moistened with detergent and is environmentally friendly and safe to use. When the granules are worked into the carpet fiber, soil and stains are lifted out of the carpet by the duo-P powder. After vacuuming, your carpet is clean, dry and ready for use.

Dry Cleaning is safer for most carpets — it will not shrink the carpet or cause water staining if applied unevenly. SEBO dry powder carpet cleaner leaves no detergent residue to cause your carpet to re-soil, and the carpet can be used immediately after cleaning.

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  • SEBO Dry Powder Carpet Cleaner cleans most carpet types. No detergent residue
  • no need to move furniture. No shrinking or mildew
  • Easy to clean stairs. Easy spot-cleaning
  • A built-in fiber protector helps to protect your carpet against future stains and soil

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Since 1993 we have continued to improve our cleaning products to a very high standard which is recognised the world over. Our Drygard dry powder carpet cleaning product in particular has been very successful and continues to grow despite the economic down turn. Our packaging has beencarefully introduced to give an easy and secure way of preserving our Drygard powder in bothcleaning ability and fragrance not to mention we are the only manufacturer to use two liners in eachof our tubs making it easier to distribute if two cleaners are using the same tub.