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Hair dye stain removal is something you need to know a little about, preferably before you begin dying your or a friend or family member's hair.

CAUTION: Do not use both chlorine bleach and ammonia for your hair dye stain removal process. will cause a chemical reaction which produces a potentially deadly gas and fumes.

Red dye stains removing process

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MY Number 1 Hair-Dye stain Removal Secret!!

Hint: For each of these hair dye stain removal solutions suggested be sure to get the upholstery only as wet as necessary to remove the stain from the hair dye.

Hint: Hydrogen peroxide can sometimes remove the color from the upholstery or carpet along with the hair dye. Therefore, for this last ditch hair dye stain removal method first test the hydrogen peroxide in an inconspicuous location of the upholstery to make sure you will not harm it.