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Evolve Original Scent Ultra Concentrated Bleach Tablets


Planning And Foresight: Alert - Evolve Bleach Tablets for prepping

Evolve Bleach Tablets and Evolve Ultra Concentrated Bleach Crystal Pacs by NovaBella, easier to transport, easier to store and easier to use than liquid bleach.

No spills, no splash and no mess. Evolve Bleach Tablets provide convenient and simple-to-use, powerful bleaching action, giving you whiter and brighter laundry every time.

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Originally Posted by rsiros
Does anyone have info on the Evolve bleach tablets? Shelf life? Ok for water treatment? Ingredients? I was looking into calcium hypochlorite but with a houseful of kids, I'm not chancing the potential storage problems. I've read many posts and articles and no storage method seems 100% reliable.

Evolve Bleach Tablets - The Operant Conditioning Powerhouse

Evolve Bleach Tablets ($3). Each 32-count container is the equivalent of 182 ounces of liquid bleach and you can use throw these single-dose tablets in the wash, mix them with water to make cleaning solution, or throw them in the toilet for extra sanitizing power Read more: New Cleaning Products 2012 - Latest Innovative Cleaners - Good Housekeeping

Greetings! Sharing a great find we came across while shopping the other day. Placed on the bottom shelf at the corner of the laundry aisle, were these concentrated bleach tablets. They claim to make one gallon of bleach per tablet.

We have made some and we used two tabs for one gallon of bleach. I believe when they say that you should use one gallon of water to dissolve one tablet, it would be the equivalent of using the diluted bleach. It works great and it smells just like bleach because it is. The little tablets remind me of the larger chlorine tabs my daddy used to put in our above the ground swimming pool when I was a kid.

Needless to say, I think this is a great option to have in your stores. My friends Katzcradul and Yankeeprepper both store the "pool shock" in their stores to facilitate the same thing. I cannot get what they have stored in my area so this is an excellent option and alternative to actually storing large gallon jugs of bleach which take up lots of space and over time can diminish in their usefulness.

Here is a link to the Evolve website:

Hope you enjoyed this and I hope you look for it to put in your stores. The way I see it, this is better than nothing and in an emergency you will need bleach for so many things, from purifying water to cleaning to keeping waste at a minimum as well as avoiding bacteria.

Prep for a better today, prep for a better tomorrow, prep for a better life!

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