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One of the main advantages you have with fabric stain removal is that you have full access to the stain. You can treat it from the front, you can treat it from the back, you can sponge it, you can soak it, you can launder it.

4. Check for colorfastness. If you’re not sure whether the color will run, use an eye dropper or a cotton swab to apply the recommended stain remover to an inconspicuous spot (a seam allowance, hem allowance, the underside of the sofa cushion, and so on). Rinse or sponge with cold water and let dry. If there’s no color change or water spotting, continue with the fabric stain removal treatment. If the color is damaged, consult a dry-cleaner.

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    Here is a general guide to choosing the right cleaning method for your garments during fabric stain removal. Care varies based on colorfastness, weight, trimmings, linings, special finishes, and fabric and garment construction. Always read and follow the manufacturer’s care label recommendations before cleaning garments.

    ACRYLIC: Synthetic fiber. Machine wash knits in warm water on gentle setting. Wash inside out to reduce pilling. Roll in a towel to absorb extra moisture, and dry flat; or dry at low setting in a dryer after fabric stain removal. Dry-clean woven acrylic fabrics.