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Don’t we all dream and strive for a flawless skin? Among the various skin woes, a common problem we desi girls deal with is facial hair. You can hide other skin problems with the help of makeup but facial hair can be troublesome. One can opt for threading (painful), waxing (brings wrinkles and burns skin), laser (expensive) and various other options to treat facial hair. However, one of the most inexpensive and less stressful methods is hair bleaching creams. These face bleach also helps in skin lightening, fading hyper pigmentation, dark spots and other blemishes. You might be skeptical about trying bleach creams on your face and if you have a sensitive skin then you might run far away but fret not, we handpick the best face bleach creams that are safe for sensitive, oily and dry skin types in India.

Face bleach, body bleach, face bleaching cream and ski bleaching surgery are all products and processes aimed at getting a brighter skin tone. How do you go about these? Which factors should one consider and which are the best? This is information worth considering before settling down to skin bleaching.

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    2. Fem Fairness Natural Gold Bleach Cream- Price: Rs.45 for 64 gm
    The Fem bleach crème does not contain any ammonia so you will not experience any signs of skin irritation, redness or damage. It is the top face bleach in India for sensitive & dry skin and gives a natural glow. It helps with uneven skin tone, tanned skin and reduces discoloration. The effect lasts for 30-50 days so you wouldn’t have to use it every 2-3 weeks. It is the best solution for hair on the face.

    A blemish free and evenly toned face is something most people especially women yearn for. This could be attributed to the face that it is how we perceive beauty. With time though, acne spots, age spots, scars, freckles and sun damage may affect our skin. Left without intervention, the blemishes will remain permanent. However, these can be made to go away using face bleach.