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I have been a Finish powder user for as long as I can remember. Recently relocated and could not find the Finish powder dishwashing detergent. Since I was so pleased with the Finish powder product, I did not want to switch brands. Therefore, I purchased the Finish All-in-One "capsules." Hated them! Coffee & tea cups came out stained and some of the dishes were not clean; also some of the utensils. After using this product up, I purchased the Finish Max in 1 capsules. Hated them, too, for the same reasons. After using those up, I purchased the Quantum Max, figuring SURELY since I "moved up" to the chain to the highest quality capsule, I'd be pleased. NOT. I experienced the same issues and I'm using a rinse agent, as well. I give up and will have to shop around for some other powder product.

Finish Powder Dishwasher Detergent, Orange Fresh

Finish (the new me for Elactrasol) Powder Automatic Dishwasher Detergent with Shine Boost gently removes tough food stains the first time, every time.

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  • Finish Powder Dishwasher Detergent, Orange Fresh, 75 Ounces
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    Finish has a great range of products to suit your dish washing needs. Finish Power Detergent Powder promises to provide quality products to the consumers. Finish Power Detergent Powder is the most important product ever for a Dish wash system. Finish Power Detergent power has unique Stain Soakers, which help soften dried-on food residues and remove all kinds of stains from your dishes. Finish power detergent powder takes away all the food smell from the dishes and gives it a pleasant smell and keeps it clean. Finish Power Detergent Powder is concentrated so it can be used for the longer period of time. Finish Power Detergent Powder is affordable and can be used for more number of days. Finish Power detergent Powder is the best detergent powder to remove all the stains from your dish and it makes it look clean and neat. Finish Power Detergent Powder gives the nice fragrance and it helps makes your kitchen look different.

    Finish Dishwashing Powder Calgonit Detergent 1kg
    Finish Classic Powder set the standard for dishwasher detergents long ago and little has changed since then. When it comes to this formula, it's as simple as 'Don't change something if it works'. The powder detergent cleans deep on even the toughest food stains like tea, coffee and grease, and its rinses off easily leaving no residues. Help the environment and save money by using less on lighter loads. For optimum results, remove food scraps from your dishes, pour powder into dispenser according to the manufacturer's instructions and run machine on the desired setting. Use together with Finish Salt to tackle very hard water and Finish Rinse Aid for an even brighter shine.