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1) ECO.3 Home Fire Glass Cleaner forces up the soiling to the surface of the electro-charged liquid. The super-negative soiling is then picked up with a microfibre cloth that is super positively charged.

Remove all loose debris then spray ECO.3 Home FireGlass Cleaner onto the surface. Leave on the surface to let the solution migrate through the remaining debris.

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ECO.3 Home Fire Glass Cleaner, unlike many of its competitors, is negatively charged. This negative charge has two distinct advantages over traditional cleaners.

ECO.3 Home Fire Glass Cleaner is a laboratory proven, new generation; environmentally friendly cleaning product specifically designed for cleaning FireGlass, grill and outdoor BBQ’s cooking surfaces. This product is formulated to clean all grease, grime and soot from the surface and leave a sparkling deep clean finish. Because of the NANOSMART technology, our ECO.3 cleaner cleans below the surface like no other.