DIY Natural Floor Cleaner Wipes are easy to make and budget-friendly

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Not only will your floors be sparkling clean without any chemical residue, you will save money throughout the year because you’ll have no need to buy those store-bought floor cleaner wipes. And with no more wipes going into the trash and landfill, you will have achieved a small – but important! – step toward improving the environment.

Do you ever wonder just how many chemicals we are using on a daily basis? These natural floor cleaner wipes will help ease your mind just a little bit. Just mix up a few common household ingredients, get some older towels and you are on your way to cleaner floors…naturally!

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    When I began using essential oils, making my own floor cleaner wipes was the first thing I did. Ever since then I have never used any other cleaners, none at all!

    DIY Natural Floor Cleaner Wipes are inspired by my simple . Stock a natural, simple-minded gal a handful of washcloths and a gallon of vinegar, and she just may try taking over the whole cleaning industry!