Follow these furniture upholstery cleaning tips:

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I do have one question regarding furniture upholstery cleaner though. I've noticed that a lot of upholstery cleaners are very chemical based, which makes me worried about the effects on my health. Are there any good upholstery cleaners that are made from completely natural ingredients?

Furniture and upholstery cleaning is not as complicated as you may have thought, if you know the right ways and use right set of cleaning supplies and tools. If you have other cleaning tips and ideas that one can use to clean furniture and upholstery then feel to share it by commenting below.

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Alpine Carpet Cleaning are equipped to clean any type of upholstery. We have the right tools and knowledge to restore the beauty, and brightness of your furniture. We use a very thorough process to break down these foreign contaminants in your upholstery’s fabric, and flush it out with a clean rinse to leave your furniture looking and smelling like new. We are Whistler’s first choice for furniture and upholstery cleaning.

When it comes time to clean upholstery, use only natural cleaners. There are several reasons for this. Most notable is the fact that many commercial upholstery cleaners and detergents contain toxic/hazardous substances (acetone) or possible carcinogens such as nitrilotriacetic acid. Also, many of these same products contain petroleum-based chemicals that leave a sticky film on your fabric that will eventually attract dirt. Finally, the method outlined above is just plain cheaper. A bottle of good eco-friendly dish detergent is generally under $3.00, and when you’re done with all of your furniture upholstery cleaning, you’ll have some leftover for all those dishes that have been piling up.