Generic laundry detergent is trash

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Let me echo the comment about generic laundry detergent. A previous poster complained about Sam’s laundry made their skin itch. My husband and I had the exact same reaction to Costco’s Kirkland laundry detergent. Which makes me suspect it’s the same company making the laundry detergent. And yes I was aware this laundry detergent got a nice writeup in Consumer Reports. That’s why I bought it. I have since switched to Tide Cold Water. Yes it’s more expensive but it really does work well in cold water. So I hope to make up the cost with the energy savings. Maybe somebody will copy the formula and make a good generic version.

Generic Laundry Detergent can be very hard on your skin. My husband bought a big box at Sam’s once. We do look for the best deals. However, after a week of using it, I was itching and so uncomfortable, and the only thing that had changed was the detergent. We had to waste the whole box, and buy the tide. When it comes to things that affect your skin, comfort or health, always go with branded. Another big one is suntan lotion. Always be careful when buying it, especially for your children. Also as you age you may get more sensitive. I am only thirty, but my skin is more sensitive as I get older.

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Subject: RE: Generic Brand Laundry Detergent vs Name Brand
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P.S. Has anyone ever made their own?

My sister makes her own - says it is unbelievable cheap and effective. Quick Google search will tell you how.

^^^ this.

I've collected all the necessary ingredients and plan to make my first batch when our current stuff runs out.  I normally buy 'eco friendly' name brand stuff because I'm particuar about what goes into our septic system and eventually, leaching field.  Making our own will save us some serious cash!

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I''m using the $3 Generic Detergent instead of the $8 Tide

Smaller companies, often specializing in natural or environmentally friendly products, abound with brand names like , Method, Seventh Generation and . Now add the store brand or generic laundry detergents, fabric softeners and other laundry products. Target offers up & up; Kroger has Home Sense, Costco's brand is Kirkland and .

Actually, Costco Kirkland, Walmart Great Value, Sears, Safeway, Albertsons, Kroger, etc. and many other generic laundry detergents are all made by Huish Labs. They are the same company that makes Sun detergent, and recently bought out a bunch of name brands from Unilever. Brands like Surf, All, Wisk, Snuggle, etc.