Stove Glass Cleaning Paste-Removes really stubborn carbon deposits.

Campanelli's Cleaning Paste [One 12oz Tub] Professional Formula Multi-Surface Cleaner - Non-Toxic, Non-Hazardous, & Non-Fuming! NO Bleach or Solvents, NO residue, & Environmentally Safe!


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Dirtbusters Stove Glass Cleaner Paste was developed for professional stove cleaners. The paste contains natural citrus oils and cleaning chemicals which remove the build up of carbon and soot deposits on stove glass safely and is environmentally friendly. Brilliant on hard carbon deposits. Buffs to a great finish and leaves a pleasant citrus smell.

Either Easy off Oven cleaner (Fume Free-Blue Can) or if you have a Tractor supply co or similar hardware type store near you that sells fireplaces they will carry a glass cleaning paste designed to clean the inside of the glass on a wood stove which works really well.

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Name: Stove glass cleaning paste
Price: £5.79 +VAT

Turtle Wax T486 Liquid Paste Wax

Dirtbusters Stove Glass Cleaner Paste is a carbon removing paste! It has no harmful chemicals! No fumes! No odours! 100% safe for you and your family!