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is designed to clean glass and plastic lenses and surfaces for ..

Glasses are wiped with any material soft enough to fold on the lens and is handy, so you do not have to look after specialized eyeglass lens cleaner for this. ...

What eyeglass lens cleaner, do you use to clean your lenses?
It is a question often asked and for good reason, when I think of how many times I changed lenses at my shop, scratched due to improper cleaning.

Make Your Own Eyeglass Cleaner - One Good Thing by Jillee



Wiping the lenses can affect the protection layers?

Yes, if you will use wrong materials like:

  • Other materials than microfiber cloth will scratch layers due to their hardness
  • Hot water peel off the coatings of the lenses or spoil them
  • Alcohol sprays deteriorate the lens layers



There are lenses that do not require cleaning?

All lenses need to be cleaned regularly, but there are some materials that dirt fills harder, so you need to clean them more rarely, like trivex lenses.



It is a good idea to fog with breath the lens before wiping?

That depends if you have consumed alcohol and your breathing contains it in a high proportion, you can damage the layers :))

Now seriously, steamy and wet lenses can help remove dirt, but will always be better using a specific eyeglass lens cleaner spray.

No dust from cloths or scratched from particles

This new vius® Eyeglass Lens Cleaner is engineered to gently clean and protect a variety of sensitive optical lenses such as prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses, and cameras without leaving a streak or unwanted residue. Unlike other harsh cleaners, this product is 100% biodegradable, family-friendly, and does not contain ammonia, alcohols, sulfates, or phosphates. This formula is especially gentle on the skin in comparison to common lens cleaners containing volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It comes in a convenient 8oz spray bottle for easy application. Quickly removes fingerprints, dust, and oil build-up without leaving a nauseating fragrance or chemical odor. All of our products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and we take great pleasure in receiving customer feedback. We recommend using our unique formula to clean your precious optics regularly to ensure lens clarity and even prevent scratches! For best results use only with soft lint-free cloths, preferably silk or microfiber. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact, flush with water. Made in USA

While most lenses are made of plastic, you still will need to be careful when cleaning them. With proper cleaning and care, eyeglasses should last several years And so I resorted to making my own homemade eyeglass cleaner. Here is how you can do it, too. You will need the following: small plastic or glass containers with spray Oval Eyeglass Frames; Plastic Eyeglasses; Rectangular Eyeglasses; Rimless Eyeglasses Shop Eyeglass Lens Cleaner – Alcohol Free AR Safe