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Clean Screen Wizard Microfiber Cleaning Cloth and Microfibre Sticker (1 Large and 5 Medium Cloth) with Vinyl Pouch


Cloth For Cleaning Glasses Item Glasses Cleaner Cloth

Custom promotional cleaning cloths offer many exciting possibilities for companies looking to make a real connection with your audience at a trade show or event. At Custom Cleaning Cloth Store we have a wide selection of custom cleaning cloth choices including customizable shapes, various sizes and fabric choices for promoting your brand or message. Custom microfiber cloths in a pouch are also available! We encourage you to expand your imagination when thinking of all the different possible applications that our custom cleaning cloths can offer for your next promotion! Whether you're looking for a custom tablet cleaning cloth, cell phone cleaning cloth or a microfiber eyeglass cleaning cloth the Custom Cleaning Cloth Store is your complete source for all your custom promotional cleaning cloth needs.

Use an eyeglass cleaning cloth to clean the lenses of your regular glasses, , or . Use our spray eyeglass cleaner or our eyeglass cleaning wipes to remove smudges, dirt, or splashes from your glass or plastic lenses. Our wipes for eyeglass lenses are especially convenient because they're disposable. There is no need to wipe your lenses with a clean cloth after you use our , and you can also use them for cleaning ski goggles, watch glass and even your computer, smartphone or tablet screen. We recommend our lens cleaning spray for fine optics like camera and binocular lenses and eyepieces. Lens cleaning tissues can be used dry or with lens cleaning spray.

Cloth For Cleaning Glasses Glasses Lens Cleaning Cloth

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    One day I was in the dollar store and I noticed a glass-cleaning microfiber cloth that was for auto glass. It looked more like a polyester cloth instead of a fuzzy felt-like microfiber cloth.
    I bought one and to my surprise, it worked better than any of my “fuzzy” microfiber cloths. It was my new favorite eyeglass cleaning cloth !

    High Index | Trivex | Transitions | Polarized Lenses Spray Cleaning Purchase an eyeglass spray cleaner and microfiber cleaning cloth from any local Microfiber Eyeglass Cleaning Cloth. home / products / Accessories / Miscellaneous Eyewear Accessories / Microfiber Eyeglass Cleaning Cloth Buy transition glasses at Firmoo stocking a range of quality yet cheap transition eyeglasses online like transition rx glasses, transition safety glasses, reading