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Hoover Multi-FLOORPLUS 2X Concentrated 32 Oz Hard Floor Cleaner Solution - AH30425


2X Floor Mate Tile and Grout Plus Hard Floor Cleaning Solution

Hoover AH30425 2X FloorMate Multi-FloorPlus Hard Floor Cleaning Solution 32 oz a deep cleaning solution for that hard to remove dirt and grime.

Keep hardwood, tile, vinyl, and other floor surfaces clean and presentable with a hard floor cleaning solution from our selection of chemicals and polishes! Choose from floor sealer, grout restorer, stain remover, and more, depending on your sanitizing needs. Whether you operate a kitchen, hotel, spa, hospital, or other public area, these cleaning and repair solutions are great products to have in your janitorial closet.

2X FloorMate Multi-FloorPlus Hard Floor Cleaning Solution 32 oz

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Shark Sonic Duo Wood Hard Floor Cleaning Solution $24.99 Get more info

64-Ounce 2x FloorMate Multi-FloorPlus Hard Floor Cleaning Solution

The Hoover Floormate can be used with water and a special hardfloor cleaning solution from Hoover, or you can even use vinegar and other homemade cleaning solutions. It is a matter of personal preference. However, the only chemical recommended for use with the appliance is the Hoover cleaning solution.

Since floor surfaces collect dirt, dust, and food debris, it’s important to keep them spotless at all times because if you don’t, messes will be tracked from one location to the next. When you stock up on our hard floor cleaning solution, you can rest assured knowing your floors will be left spotless and streak-free, and since they’re available in various scents, your establishment will smell fresh, as well! You’ll also find our floor sealer and grout restorer useful for preventing stains from becoming permanent and impossible-to-clean.