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Bissell is ranked one of the best carpet cleaners on the market today, according to Consumer Search. Bissell makes a variety of steam cleaners including the Bissell Pro Heat carpet cleaner. The Pro Heat machine is backed by a limited two-year warranty and the promise of dedicated customer service from Bissell.
Bissell offers quality products that are easy to use, but on occasion items on the machine will need to be repaired or replaced. Before taking your Pro Heat cleaner to a repair center, try some money-saving tips that you can perform on your own.

Powered by a 600 watt in-line heater, this heated carpet spot cleaner will heat the water/solution in the tank to a maximum temperature of 200 degrees. You'll dispense this solution through a 15' hose and 3-3/8" stainless steel tool onto fabric, upholstery, or carpet, depending on what needs cleaning. After letting the solution dwell for a few moments, you'll recover everything with that same tool. A rinse cycle may be needed to remove all the solution from the material being cleaned. The recovery tank easily lifts off for dumping of those recovered solutions. There is also a spin off cover that can be used to rinse out that recovery tank.

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Heater on board
Brush 1 x Brush Bar 1 x Brush Bar 1 x 5 Rows 1 x 6 Rows 2 x 6 Rows 2 x 5 Rows
Clean Water Capacity 2 Litres 2 Litres 3 Litres 3 Litres 3 Litres 2.5 Litres
Edge to Edge Cleaning
Upholstery Hose
Detachable portable unit
Microban anti-bacterial protection
Removable Nozzel
Tools on board 1 Tool 1 Tool 1 Tool 1 Tool 3 Tools 2 Tools
Cord Length 6m 6m 7.6m 8m 9m 6.6m
Warranty 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years 5 Years 5 Years

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Although he does not believe this "hot" issue will go away anytime soon, Marinella says the carpet cleaning industry must continue educating school districts and others about the need for heat in carpet cleaning.

For a deep clean your family can enjoy try the CleanView ProHeat carpet cleaner. Heated solution and 6 rows of rotating brushes work together to lift the dirt embedded deep into carpets that vacuums leave behind.