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This heated carpet cleaning machine will leave your carpets somewhat damp when you're finished cleaning, but by using one of our , you will greatly improve your drying time.

if you are cleaning carpet in an institution, or an older home, to run the heated option, you will need 2 separate outlets on separate circuits that provide 15 amps of power each. If you find that you are blowing breakers, you can remove the heater, as use it as a non-heated extractor, just like our . We provide a circuit tester so you can make sure you are operating on 2 separate circuits before you begin cleaning. No one likes to start cleaning, and then blow a breaker in the middle of your job. Please take a look at our movie below, for an introduction to this heated carpet cleaner.

Hoover SteamVac Dual V Heated Carpet Cleaner Shampooer

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about Thermax CP-3 Heated Carpet Cleaner Extractor Auto Detailing

Powered by a 600 watt in-line heater, this heated carpet spot cleaner will heat the water/solution in the tank to a maximum temperature of 200 degrees. You'll dispense this solution through a 15' hose and 3-3/8" stainless steel tool onto fabric, upholstery, or carpet, depending on what needs cleaning. After letting the solution dwell for a few moments, you'll recover everything with that same tool. A rinse cycle may be needed to remove all the solution from the material being cleaned. The recovery tank easily lifts off for dumping of those recovered solutions. There is also a spin off cover that can be used to rinse out that recovery tank.

The introduction of Daimer powerful and versatile carpet machines makes their job faster and free of hassles, as these heated carpet cleaners can be used for faster and more effective cleaning and general maintenance.