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Approximately 10 years ago, I was asked to work on a new project in Jeanologia. It was a requirement of the project that we should know exactly how much water was needed in order to finish a pair of jeans in a commercial laundry. I decided to start by researching data from official sources. However, it quickly became clear that there was very little information available on this particular subject. My option was then to call some friends and associates; experts in the laundry industry, who I was fortunate enough to have met and worked with. To answer my question accurately, they first needed a few more details relating to the kind of washing processes involved. Was it a simple rinse wash? A stone wash? A light, medium or a heavy bleach? Once armed with the correct details, they all went through the mental arithmetic process to calculate the amount of liters they would require per garment. All of them stressed the fact that this was approximate data and that the ‘correct’ number in the end depended on many different factors. The most curious thing that came out of this exercise was that, depending on the geographical area the laundry was operating, for the same type of wash process the answer supplied could be different by a factor of 50 percent or more.


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    Wear these GRINDHOUSE Heavy Dark Bleach Denim Jeans for a great style anywhere you go. The heavy bleached pattern will let you out in a crowd, while the classic jeans cut will keep you comfortable all day.