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How To Bleach Your Hair - Tips For Bleaching Your Hair At Home

I researched everywhere online and am so glad I came across your blog on how to bleach my hair, I followed all of your directions and my hair came out perfect. Now I am worried about the upkeep. How often do you touch up your roots, and do you apply toner to ALL of your hair every time you touch your roots, or just tone the roots or what? I am confused on that, so it would be great if you could let me know.

Little did I know that things wouldn’t go as planned. They say blondes have more fun, but personally, I did not. Read on to find out why before you, too, hit the salon and hate it (and PS, sorry for these selfie poses), then on how to bleach your hair the *right* way.

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If you are wondering about how to bleach black hair naturally, then we’ve got some bad news for you. There is no natural bleach that will give the same results as chemical ones. But if you want to slightly lighten your hair naturally, then you can try using lemon juice. Squeeze out two to three lemons and pour the juice into a spray bottle. Spray it onto your hair, generously coating it, and be under the sun for half an hour. The lemon juice and the sun will help to lighten your hair. Repeat this process thrice a week to see visible results.

If you are looking for a cheap, easy way to brighten your hair or bring out your natural highlights, consider bleaching your hair with hydrogen peroxide. This wikiHow will show you how to bleach your hair using hydrogen peroxide.