to search a little and found this incredible DIY carpet cleaner

Incredible Inc. Cleaner; Stain Remover; Deodorizer 16 Oz


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What makes carpet steam cleaning efficient is the merger of high hot heat, the bonding agents used, and the dominant suction by the truck mount. The hot heat and the powerful diesel truck mounts make for an incredible carpet cleaning tandem, inhibiting and depleting an assortment of molds, pests and micro-organisms. This type of treatment is notably effective at helping to get rid of some of the most alarming microbes, like salmonella or E. coli.

2) My entrance carpet was a mess. Stinky and dull. So after buying tons of toxic products and having no fantastic results, I decided to search a little and found incredible DIY carpet cleaner.

Works like magic on carpet, upholstery and clothing

  • OB's Incredible Carpet Cleaning
  • Incredible Multi-Surface Stain Remover / Deodorizer