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Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day 2x HE Liquid Laundry Detergent, Basil, 64 Ounce Bottle


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Recycling take a bit more thought than just throwing all of your trash into the recycling bin though. So here’s what you should remember to do when it comes time to recycle your laundry detergent bottles. Here are a few tips and ideas we found on the .

Whether you are a spa owner, massage therapist or esthetician, clean linens are always a must! Our white HDPE F-style plastic laundry detergent bottles with aluminum caps could be ideal for packaging professional strength laundry detergent or cleanser.

*As always you should test your product with the packaging to ensure compatibility. We do not imply these products are fit for any particular use.

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Laundry Detergent Bottle Bird Feeder

1 of 2 Recycle laundry detergent bottles Save those 100-oz. laundry detergent bottles and use them to hold jumbo supplies of screws and nails. Cut the top off the bottle to create a wide-mouth bin with a built-in handl

I used to keep my ice melt in an old cat litter container and used a scoop to sprinkle it on walkways and driveways. The laundry detergent bottle is even easier. Just fill one with ice melt and then do one of two things: