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Soilove Laundry Soil-stain Remover (2 Pack Special!!!!!!)


Soilove Laundry Soil Stain Remover

It is a principal object of the present invention to provide a laundry soil and stain remover composition which takes the physical form of an applicator stick with improved physical and chemical properties and which may conveniently be used contactingly to apply preferred spot removing and stain removing formulations of the invention to selected areas of fabric, prior to subjecting the fabric to a laundering operation.

The present invention relates to a solid type fabric-cleaning product which finds utility as a pre-applied spotting agent used prior to a laundering procedure so as to facilitate the removal of stains and soil from selected pre-treated areas of the fabric. More particularly, the invention is directed to a laundry soil and stain removing composition which includes, in combination, surfactants, laundry enzymes, and a carrier material so as to provide a solid medium that can be applied conveniently to a fabric as an aid in laundering. The composition includes a chemical agent for regulating and for selectively, independently modifying physical and chemical parameters of the product to enhance its functional features and its effectiveness in use.

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    " SOILOVE ". SOILOVE Laundry Soil Stain Remover For All Colorfast Washable Fabrics 16 Oz Each. For Softer & Brighter Washes Add A Little Soilove To Each Machine Load. May Not Remove: Rust / Dried Pain...
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    Preferred formulations of the laundry soil and stain remover products of the invention include, as fluid components or solvents in the matrix system, propylene glycol and dipropylene glycol and mixtures of the two. In accordance with the practice of the present invention, the relative ratio and concentrations of the glycols may be selected to alter and define the rheology of the matrix. The dimer produces a harder matrix than does propylene glycol, and the trimer, even harder products. The glyols can be blended to produce products with desired rheological properties.

    In the development of the present invention it was discovered that the concentrational range of salts useful as additives in the laundry soil and stain remover formulations for achieving the desired values of parameters involved is from 1% to 4% by weight. The criticality of the 1-4% concentrational range for the salt component of the spotting stick of the invention was evidenced in experimental tests conducted using two principal product formulations. In a first formulation, no salt was added. In the other formulations 5% by weight salt was incorporated in the compositions.