Liquid Oxygen Bleach - Triple S

Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Bleach, Free & Clear, 64 oz


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BRILLIANT™ Liquid Oxygen Bleach is a concentrated laundry destainer designed specifically for use in commercial, healthcare and on-premise laundry (OPL) applications. It can be used on many types of fabrics including colours, wools, silks, and most synthetic fibers (except nylon and micro-fibers). This product can also be used on whites.

Although my homemade product doesn’t have the same disinfecting power as some commercial liquid oxygen bleaches (i.e., for disinfecting cloth diapers), I find it works equally well as a stain-remover.

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  • concentrated liquid oxygen bleach
  • oxygen power
  • for machine wash
  • 60° - 90°C

Oxygen Bleach - The Laundry Alternative

Be forewarned: It doesn’t spray the way commercial liquid oxygen bleaches do, because the baking soda settles. I just shake it well and squirt or sprinkle it onto stains, or add add half a cup to the wash water.

5560536 Oxonia Active liquid oxygen based bleach Liquid, acidic disinfectant based on hydrogen peroxide / 15% peracetic acid for the food, brewing and beverage industry.
particularly effective against all types of microorganisms found in the brewing and beverage industry
low application concentration
low application temperature