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Lysol Power&Free Bathroom Cleaner w/ Hydrogen Peroxide, Cool Spring Breeze, 22 oz, 2 pk


Family-Friendly, Bleach-Free Formula

Clean bathroom surfaces to a brilliant shine with Lysol Power Bathroom Cleaner. The powerful foaming action tackles even the toughest cleaning challenges -- removing soap scum, lime scale, and everyday dirt and grime -- with little or no scrubbing. It leaves behind a clean, fresh scent.

Make your bathroom look sparkling clean with Lysol Power Bathroom Cleaner Spray. It not only makes the surfaces shine, it kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria that like to live in humid, moist places like a bathroom. Spray it on all of the surfaces, including the shower, countertop, bathtub, sink, toilet and toilet bowl. It even works as a floor cleaner spray to keep everything looking fabulous. Get rid of soap scum, dirt and grime and feel good about your bathroom for your family and guests. The powerful formula of Lysol Power cuts through mold and mildew or other dirt to leave nothing but clean surfaces and fresh smells. It does the hard work so you don't have to.

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Lysol Power bathroom cleaner helps to refresh your bathroom with a wonderful spring waterfall fragrance. The disinfectant powers through soap scum and kills 99.9% of bacteria on contact! The spray nozzle allows for easy application to any surface!

LYSOL Brand Power Foam Bathroom Cleaners - Destroys soap scum and is tough on mold and mildew. Kills 99.9% microorganisms including Escherichia coli, Rhinovirus type 39, Staphylococcus and Rotavirus WA. Use on shower doors, tubs, glazed ceramic tile, vanity tops, sinks and chrome (non-medical) fixtures.