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ho, is it necessary to use mask if bleaching a small patio area? I would think outside with good ventilation and fresh air, there is no need for a mask? Thanks Trev

Arrancar 77 Wonderweiss Mergera is a modified arrancar with reiatsu density comparable to the current Espadas. The remains of his hollow mask resembles a small crown on his head. Modified by Aizen using the Hōgyoku as a weapon to render Yamamoto's completely useless, the process removed all forms of Wonderweiss' rationality, his memory retention, speech, and intelligence. As a result, despite being all-powerful, Wonderweiss is . He possesses a level of hostility, firing a towards during their battle, but quickly reverts to his regular state after doing so. states that Wonderweiss (like himself) is a pure being, but wonders whether he is pure good or evil. He follows Tōsen everywhere when possible and is hostile to what he perceives as Tōsen's enemies.

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    Prepare the mixture complying with following proportions:1 part of Mask Hair Bleaching Powder + 2 parts of activator 10, 20 and 30 vol. Apply on unwashed hair and check the decolouring process. Rinse and wash with a specific shampoo.