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When I first started looking for natural cleaning products for my household chores, I bought Melaleuca's MelaPower Laundry Detergent. Having only used traditional detergents for years, I was surprised at how well this natural detergent worked. It exceeded my expectations in every way, and made me realize that there were household products out there that were effective, while at the same time being safer for my family to use.

While made of natural ingredients, this detergent is a powerful cleaner, and does a great job on even the dirtiest laundry loads.

Melaleuca's MelaPower is a concentrated laundry detergent, which makes a bottle pretty reasonably priced. It also lasts a long time - the big bottle will last over 90 loads. While detergents you find in the stores are mostly comprised of water, you just use a small amount of the MelaPower mixed with the water your washing machine provides.

There are three scents but I like the free and clear, which is fragrance free.

MelaPower 6x HE Detergent - Garden Lavender is all about the lavender scent. Like millions of others, MelaPower Laundry detergent is the product that immediately got my attention and won me over to Melaleuca. It outperforms other brands without caustic chemicals, is eco-friendly, and is super concentrated so no more lugging needlessly ginormous, bulky, heavy laundry detergent from the store. It comes in 4 scents: Garden Lavender, Mountain Fresh, Island Breeze, and Scent-free. Lavender is my current fave.

MelaPower uses a powerful non-alkaline formula and

  • I would suggest using Melapower laundry detergent. It doesn't have any toxins in it at all and is great to use on the most sensitive of skin. And for the diaper rash...
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MelaPower® 6x Laundry Detergent - Island Breeze

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I am so happy to have come across Melaleuca 6 years ago. I love all the products, and the amazing vitamins. I love the Melapower Laundry detergent and all the cleaning products, they are amazing!