Brasso Metal Polish 175ml gives a longer lasting shine.

Simichrome 390050 All Metal Polish Tube - 1.76 oz.


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For all its great qualities, aluminum oxidizes very easily. It’s actually a defense mechanism of the metal: a light layer of aluminum oxide protects the underlying metal from corrosion. This aluminum oxide is functional but its not attractive, and that’s why factory-polished aluminum is usually coated. (In this case, you need a metal polish that is safe on coatings, unless you plan to remove the coating. For stripping the coating, consult a professional.)

Flitz Metal Polish
Flitz metal polish is one of the most effective products I use for creating a long lasting shine on copper. Works quickly to remove oxidation on copper, brass and other metals. Non-toxic and acid free, food safe after a quick wash with soap and water. Large 5.29 ounce tube covers approximately 300 square feet. Free shipping for polish when purchased with any copper piece listed. Credit for shipping charge will be provided after completion of order.

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Metal Polish – a fast acting, easy to use metal polish designed to give the highest luster with the least amount of effort. For use on all highly polished metals including: aluminum, stainless-steel, chrome, brass, silver and gold.

Anodized Aluminum is a unique material in that it’s meant to be oxidized. Remember when I said aluminum oxidizes as a defense mechanism against deeper corrosion? Anodizing increases the thickness of the aluminum oxide layer to strengthen the underlying aluminum’s natural resistance to corrosion. The resulting finish is very porous and is therefore usually sealed or dyed. That’s why many metal polishes cannot be used on anodized aluminum. is one of the few that can be used with excellent results.