Aircraft Tool Supply Aluminum Polish, Met-All (16 Oz)


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Metal Polish – a fast acting, easy to use metal polish designed to give the highest luster with the least amount of effort. For use on all highly polished metals including: aluminum, stainless-steel, chrome, brass, silver and gold.

Metal is a tricky material to maintain due to its unique reactions to environmental conditions. Rust is a corrosive coating that results from low temperature oxidation and water. Rust isn’t just on the metal; it becomes the metal if not tended to. Besides turning the reddish brown rust color, metal can also turn blue when exposed to extreme heat caused by high performance engines. Many metal polishes wear down the protective coating on metal surfaces in an attempt to get rid of these blemishes, which results in a dull shine and exposed metal. Meguiar’s NXT Generation All Metal Polysh is different.

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Meguiar’s All Metal Polysh removes discoloration, rust, and tarnish with its diminishing abrasive technology. Your metal components will look like new without the dull spots that other cleaners can cause.

While Met-All’s TC-10 Aluminum Polish can actually be used on hundreds of household items, it’s perfect for aluminum aircrafts as it’s proven formula deep-cleans to remove oxidation and water spots and provides a barrier assuring lasting resistance in just one application. This not only keeps your plane looking good, but it also relieves the danger that oxidation can cause if it remains untreated. In addition, the aircraft metal polish’s special polishing agents restore the original brightness to your metal without scratching or marring.