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Miele Care Collection HE Fabric Softener 50.72 fluid ounces (1.5 Litres)


Miele Fabric Softener - Laundry Care

Special emulsifiers and tensides give all washables a soft feeling and a light, pleasant scent. The Miele fabric softener also reduces static cling from the tumble dryer. This product does not contain any phosphates or zeolites, elements known to be harmful to the environment and common in detergents and softeners.

The Miele Care Collection also introduces a new fabric conditioner for all of your washables. The Miele Fabric Softener is a highly concentrated fabric conditioner for all Miele washing machine programs, except 'Outerwear' and 'Pillows.' The new formulation of the Miele fabric softener allows for better pouring into the drum.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars for Miele Fabric Softener in Laundry Detergents.

    I am really liking this Miele Fabric Softener. I bought it on Amazon, but it is also for sale on the Miele website, and some "high end" Vacuum stores that are Miele Authorized sell it!