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Mr Muscle 5in1 Window & Glass Cleaner (500ml)


Mr Muscle — Window & Glass Cleaner

Mr Muscle Glass Cleaner is highly specialized in removing stubborn dirt, finger prints and dust build-up on various glass surfacr.
Contains a unque blend of ingredients that easily lifts stubborn dirt and stain build-up on contact.
Great for all glass tabletops, house, car window, mirror, television screens, computer monitors, stainless steel , plastic and other surface in your home.

I use a spray glass cleaner on my indoor windows and my shower door. The shower door gets cleaned, obviously, more frequently than the windows do, but Mr Muscle Glass Cleaner is my first choice when it comes to getting a nice shine, without any smears in sight. The bottle is large and costs me just less than two pounds. It actually lasts me for months as I only ever need to use the tiniest little spray on glass to give a great smear free shine. The bottle is a trigger spray with an ON and OFF nozzle which is simple and easy to operate. However, I do hate the way every bottle of Mr Muscle Window and Glass Cleaner always seem to manage to drip slightly once I have been using it for a while. The fragrance of this glass cleaner is pleasant, not overly strong, and it doesn't irritate the airways as some cleaning products can. I use this glass cleaner by spraying lightly over glass and then rubbing away with a dry cloth. It never smears or leaves any marks or smudges behind. It's so easy to use and so much better than the shop's own brand. It's worth paying the extra pennies for Mr Muscle and it is a brand I really trust. I have to recommend it.

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•Mr Muscle Glass Cleaner cleans and shines everything made of glass, chrome, stainless steel, plastic, tile or porcelain including windows, mirrors, cars, glass tables, appliances, counter tops and fixtures.