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I wanted to make mine without borax. There’s some debate about whether or not it’s really safe to use in natural dishwasher detergent so I opted to leave it out. I wasn’t sure it needed it anyway, and lucky for me, it definitely didn’t! Instead, I used five ingredients I always have on hand – super washing soda (my new favorite natural cleanser!), baking soda, kosher salt, citric acid and water.

I unfortunately haven’t had any luck with natural dishwasher detergent. I did try one by Palmolive but is really is just as poisonous as using Cascade. I did have great success using White Vinegar in place of the Jet Dry stuff, it made my plates and glasses squeaky clean and clear. However….I forgot about the fact that Vinegar decalcifies and learned that additionally it is a rust remover or loosener. I live in an Apartment and didn’t know how old my dishwasher and it spewed rust and lime out of the jet dry dispenser. Had to run a bunch of short cycles to get it all out. The Upside is: by accident, we know how to keep our Jet Dry dispenser rust and calcium free. I will try Mrs. Myers, I saw it in Target which also has their own brand of natural Dishwasher products. I’d like to do more research on how plant based they are. Companies tend to slip in the poison if you don’t know what you are looking for.

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When it comes to washing off stubborn stains and grime in the dishwasher, our top pick is .
This naturally derived dishwasher detergent utilizes triple-action cleaning power to effectively get the job done, even with hard water.
With Method Smarty Dish tablets, you don’t have to manually pre-wash your dishes, since this heavy-duty detergent easily tackles food-coated dishes.
However, his dishwasher tends to perform poorly when used with older dishwashing machines- tablets can’t quite dissolve, which sometimes results in a white film left on the dishes.
This might be avoided if you use high-temperature setting, but it’s still a lot of trouble to go through for some people.

Natural dishwasher detergent had proven to be my nemesis for years. After trying so many different brands with marginal results, I seriously had to ask myself if it was worth the effort. I spent some time and refreshed my research on the topic and here's why it really is important…