DIY – All Natural Pet Stain Remover

Natural Pet Stain and Odor Remover Eliminator - Advanced Enzyme Cleaner Formula - Remove Old & New Pet Stains & Smells for Dogs & Cats - All-Surface Safe - 32 OZ


Homemade Pet Urine Odor and Stain Removal-Odor Removal

Because of the kids, I always want a natural pet stain remover. I want to know the products we’re using in our home are safe for busy family life. This means they need to be non-toxic and I tend to lean toward more green cleaning products these days.

I have to admit that I think the true test to see if a natural pet stain remover product is the best pet stain odor remover for my family is whether or not it can do double or triple duty! That’s the new standard around here!

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Stained carpets got you down? Don't despair! There are plenty of natural carpet stain removers you can use to lift unsightly wine, pet mess, and greasy stains from carpets and rugs. We asked cleaning experts to share their favorite strategies and organic-based solutions for spot-cleaning carpets.

After using a natural carpet stain remover, rinse the cleaned carpet area with water to remove residue. Sticky residue attracts dirt, which will restain your carpet. Don't let cleaned areas simply air-dry, which may result in noticeable rings. recommends drawing out remaining moisture by placing several layers of white towels over the treated area. Weigh the towels down with a heavy object that won't transfer color, such as a plastic jug of water or a glass casserole filled with books. Let it sit overnight before removing the towels. Vacuum or hand-brush the cleaned area.