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14 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Dark Neck - Rapid Home Remedies

Hi Hira……….I hv dark neck problem please help me to get rid of this by telling an easy and home made remedy……and yes in front of my elbows its too dark whenevr i see my hands in front of mirror i found that its too black and dark from the center plaese tell some easy tips……..Thanks

You got a black neck problem due to weight gain. So first of all you have to lose your weight with proper diet and regular exercise. Never do crash dieting because it not only bad for health but it causes hair loss. Do Cardio exercises like running, jogging. Swimming, roping for almost 30 minutes after starting then after 15 days do these exercises for 50 to 60 minutes. If you do it properly you have almost lost 3 to 4 inches from waist in 2 months. When you got sweat from the exercises. Rub a clean towel into your neck and face. Apply some raw milk at night when you are going to bed. Don’t wash it off. Wash it at morning. Moreover you have to exfoliate your neck and face daily and apply a paste of rose petals and milk cream to apply on your neck. It works effectively to provide liveliness of your neck with beautiful pink color. Drink half liter milk at morning with one or two boiled eggs.

Use some really good natural home remedies to whiten your neck skin

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