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Niagara Spray Starch Crisp Finish, Sharp Look Without Excess Stiffness, 20 ounces (4 Pack)



Overall, Niagara Spray Starch-Heavy is a high grade laundry product that gives clothing the ultimate polished appearance. By strengthening clothes, Starch Spray can easily help improve the appearance and lifespan of any fabric. Therefore, when the appearance of fabric truly matters, it is time to invest in Spray Starch.

Phoenix Brands LLC was formed by Lehman Brothers Merchant Banking Group to buy various household brands from Dutch consumer giant Unilever in December 2003. Its brands include Rit fabric dyes, Niagara spray starch and Sunlight Dish Detergent.

Niagara Spray Starch - Regular 20 OZ - 12 per case

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Another advantage of Niagara Heavy Starch Spray is its easy application. Packaged in a convenient aerosol can, Niagara Non Aerosol Spray Starch is easily aimed and released, making it almost foolproof to use. This ensures that a starching job can be done efficiently and correctly, with minimal waste. This way, even novices can use Niagara Spray Heavy Starch and get the outstanding and professional results they need.

The main reason Niagara Spray Heavy Starch can provide such outstanding results is because the extra strength formula actually works deep within clothing and other fabrics to add an unparalleled layer of toughness. The extra toughness provided by Spray Starch improves the life of the fabric, helping it resist stains and retain its shape and color even after heavy use. In this way, Niagara Starch-Heavy can not only help clothing look crisp and professional but can actually extend the life of clothing, even during heavy use. For this reason, Niagara Heavy Starch is especially popular for uniforms and other work-related garb.