Non Aerosol Spray Starch by Phoenix

2 Pk. Niagara Non-Aerosol Spray Starch - Lavender Scent


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Transferring (Hand) Embroidery Designs with Spray Starch The secret ingredient to tracing a non-permanent design onto linen or cotton that will be laundered or at least rinsed after stitching is Spray Starch. Did not know this (Usually use my Embroidery Machine), but really love the Niagara non aerosol spray starch. Faultless would be my last choice for spray starch it spits instead of spraying.

PBC08580 - Niagara Non Aerosol Spray Starch by Phoenix. $22.79. Niagara liquid spray starch provides long lasting, crisp, sharp finish on every kind of fabric. The trigger spray delivery is environmentally friendly. 22-oz. liquid spray bottle with trigger. 6 bottles per case.

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