How does non chlorinated bleach works?

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Due to oxidation procedure, the cell membrane of small organisms like bacteria and fungus are destroyed, hence they are killed. Now that we know that non chlorine bleach can serve the same purpose, they are capable of killing the bacteria, virus and fungi too. However we should also know that chlorine bleaches are stronger disinfectants than their non chlorine counterpart.

Example: Hydrogen peroxide is non chlorine bleach which kills small organisms. These kinds of bleaches can be used to sanitize washroom pots as they are fine on skin also.

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    Now you must be wondering where can you get non chlorinated bleach? These bleaches will be available in grocery store which keeps laundry items like detergent bars, detergent powders etc. one of the example of a famous non chlorine bleach brand is Clorox 2. It has hydrogen peroxide as its primary ingredient and is eco friendly too.

    • Dip cotton or a cloth in the Non Chlorine Bleach and dab the spot on the garment where you want to apply. This will make sure that the color is not lost.