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Plain water can be used in the place of chemicals and yet yield similar results. Water in the presence of agitation can provide a vehicle for removing a floor’s finish by suspending the particles within the water. An orbital floor cleaner using just water can remove several coats of finish, but is limited in that it will not entirely remove all the layers of finish. For that requirement, chemicals would have to be applied.

Investing in one of the smaller orbital floor cleaning machines can ultimately save a home owner time and physical effort, but it can save them quite a bit of money. The ability of oscillating contraptions to clean and restore various floor types makes it a multifunctional tool. It not only reduces the amount of chemicals used within the home, but also extends the life of a floor. Most importantly, it provides an immaculate gleam to every floor surface in the home.

Oreck Orbiter Floor Machine Tile Cleaning

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    When envisioning orbital floor cleaning machines in action, a large industrial walk-behind unit that polishes the tile hallways and floors of immense office buildings usually comes to mind.