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Windex Outdoor Glass & Patio Cleaner, 32oz


The Best Window Cleaner Ever … Like Ever

Windex Outdoor Glass Cleaning Refill Pads work in conjunction with your garden hose to help clean and shine your outdoor windows without leaving spots or streaks. The concentrated formula within each pad is released with water from the hose. Scrubbing lightly cleans and leaves a fresh scent. The process is complete with a final rinse.

I am very partial to the original Windex glass cleaner. I do not like the wipes that were created for use inside the home. That being said, I love these cleaning wipes for outdoor glass cleaning. It is so easy! All I need is the wipes and my garden hose. Windex definitely hit one out of the park with this product. I hate when my windows are dirty on the outside and using typical cleaner never gets the glass fully clean. I always have to clean it twice to get the glass clean satisfactorily. With Windex's outdoor cleaner, this is not the case. I used it and it got my outside window glass clean the very first time. It does cost a bit more, but the pads last. I usually get two windows out of each one. I have large windows, so I am very happy that it works out that way. I try to clean my outer glass at least once a month, so I do not spend too much money on the Windex Outside Window Cleaner.

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