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OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover, 7.22 Lbs


Clorox Oxi Max Radiant White Laundry Stain Remover

Oxyfair is oxygenated skin bleach which helps the skin to breath; as it takes water and lipids into the skin. It gives hydrating, glowing and smooth texture to the skin, thereby bleaching dead skin and exposed patch areas.

Powdered Oxygenated Bleach is an all fabric bleaching agent for use in institutional and on-premise laundries (OPL). Powdered Oxygenated Bleach is safer to use than traditional chlorine bleach and is effective on a wider variety of soils and stains. Use as part of a multi component system or use alone as a presoak to remove stubborn stains. Use with all washable linens and water conditions.

Oxygen Bleach Powder - Oxi Magic | Clorox

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    DEFY Wood Cleaner is a safe, highly effective, oxygenated bleach wood deck cleaning solution that removes dirt, grime, mold, algae, and weathered graying from wood surfaces. Unlike most chlorine bleach based cleaners, this environmentally friendly product is biodegradable and will not harm wood fibers, pets, grass, or most plants.

    Special Laundry Instructions: Test fabrics for colorfastness by dissolving 1 tbsp of Powdered Oxygenated Bleach in a cup of hot water. Soak linen in solution for 1 minute. Rinse. If color bleeds, do not use bleaching agents.