• P21S Metal polish (for finishing/buffing)

P21S 15075T Finish Restorer 100.8 G. Tube


P21s Metal Polishing Soap, 10.6 oz. - Autoality

P21s Metal Polishing Soap. This unique product is a soap-like cake that’s water based. Just take the enclosed sponge, wet it and wipe it across the soap – then squeeze to create a lather and gently scrub. In seconds the surface is clean and shiny. Now rinse with water, dry off and you’re done. Great on chrome and untreated metal surfaces such as stainless steel, copper and brass, or anywhere else you would use a metal polish. Biodegradable and non-toxic too!

When that’s done with wet sanding, grab the P21S metal polish (or your favorite) and give it a finish polish with microfiber towel. If you have a dremel, you can use the buffing/polishing attachment and makes for an easy job. Good luck!

grab the p21s metal polish or your favorite and give it a finish

P21s Metal Polishing Soap, 10.6 oz.

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P21s Metal Polishing Soap Demonstration

P21S Metal Polishing Soap is a unique water-based soap that will quickly and easily polish all metal surfaces such as chrome, aluminium, stainless steel to clean exhaust pipes, polished wheels, spokes and more.

With traditional wheel cleanings you have to remove contamination and then polish. The P21S Metal Polishing Soap allows you to clean and polish in one quick and easy step. This formula was specially designed to release deeply embedded contaminates like brake dust, fresh tar, road grime, oxidation…