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MEECO'S RED DEVIL 701 Woodstove Glass Cleaner (16oz)


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The Pellet Stove Glass Cleaner is specially designed to take off the residue that is left behind.
You will enjoy the streak-free cleaning power of this glass cleaner. This cleaner is versatile too, you can use it on fireplace or woodstove glass doors or even on coal burning appliances.
This bottle is easy to use, it comes with a pump-spray nozzle.

Order a couple extra bottles and you will have streak-free fire viewing for a long time to come!

The second thing that is going on here is that you are conditioning the glass. When you finish cleaning the glass there will be a thin residue of Pellet Stove Glass Cleaner and ash left on the glass. This creates a barrier between the glass and the new batch of ash that will be forming on the glass. The next time you clean your glass you will notice that it is much easier to clean. If you dip your paper towel in the ash a little each time you clean your glass you will continue to notice how easy it is to clean your glass every time.

Glass cleaner for all wood and pellet stoves.

  • Pellet Stove Glass Cleaner
  • For glass fireplace doors, woodstove glass doors, and even coal appliances
  • 16 ounces

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Step 5. Dip the wet part of the paper towel into the fly ash around the burn pot so that a bit of the ash sticks to the paper towel where the Pellet Stove Glass Cleaner is.

Commercial wood or pellet stove glass cleaner is designed to remove soil without scrubbing and is used the same way as standard glass cleaner. To avoid using chemicals, or to save money, scrub the glass with a damp newspaper dipped in ashes to remove the grime and then clean with a 50/50 mixture of water and vinegar to remove any streaks. Do not use oven cleaner or abrasive cleaners, which could etch the glass, and make sure the glass is cool to the touch before cleaning.