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A recent European study indicated that sodium hypochlorite and organic chemicals (e.g., , ) contained in several household cleaning products can react to generate chlorinated (VOCs). These chlorinated compounds are emitted during cleaning applications, some of which are toxic and probable human . The study showed that indoor air concentrations significantly increase (8–52 times for and 1–1170 times for , respectively, above baseline quantities in the household) during the use of bleach containing products. The increase in chlorinated volatile organic compound concentrations was the lowest for plain bleach and the highest for the products in the form of “thick liquid and ”. The significant increases observed in indoor air concentrations of several chlorinated VOCs (especially carbon tetrachloride and chloroform) indicate that the bleach use may be a source that could be important in terms of inhalation exposure to these compounds. While the authors suggested that using these cleaning products may significantly increase the cancer risk, this conclusion appears to be hypothetical:

The in many commercial toilet bowl cleaners is sodium hypochlorite -- otherwise known as bleach. The main difference between cleaning with a commercial cleaner and using plain bleach is that the commercial cleaner has thickening agents to keep it on the slippery porcelain so the bleach can do its job. You don't have to use bleach to clean your toilet -- vinegar also disinfects, and it removes stains better than bleach.

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They've increased the concentration slightly, (6% vs. 5.25%), raised the price a lot (30% - 50%), and added ! What 'goo'? I don't know . . . and that's the problem. I try very hard to keep unknown chemicals out of pools. If you can find generic 6% bleach, that's your best bet. If not, here's a , to help you separate the plain bleach from the bleach with !

So, I NEED to go back to bleach. I found a generic ULTRA Germicidal bleach on-line and am hoping this can be used. Does anyone have and thoughts on using this in place of plain bleach since we cannot buy plain bleach anywhere anymore? If anyone has a link to where I can buy plain bleach, please share!