PolyCare Concentrate Wood Floor Cleaner

PolyCare 70001 Cleaner Concentrate 1 Gal


PolyCare Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner MSDS - Yahoo

DESCRIPTION: PolyCare hardwood floor cleaner is the safe effective cleaner for all polyurethane coated surfaces. Ideal for all polyurethane treated, factory pre-finished and laminated residential and commercial/ sports floors, as well as cabinets, furniture, railings, counters and woodwork. PolyCare is formulated to clean effectively, without leaving any soapy haze or residue on the floor. PolyCare has a unique detergent formula which cleans effectively without rinsing.

Polycare Hardwood floor cleaner packets use a deep cleaning formula and come in convenient premeasured packets for use in the Hardwood Polycare spray mop. This formula leaves no streaks dirt or residue and requires no rinsing. The Polycare hardwood floor refill pouch packets each come with three refill pouches.

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PolyCare ® Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner